PI&O Advisory Committee of the GSC

CMA PI&O has one ultimate focus, and it mirrors the primary purpose of each CMA Group, “to carry its message to the addict who still suffers.” CMA PI&O accomplishes this in three ways:

  - Providing information to the "non-addict" whose work or association may be involved with an active crystal meth addict.

  - Providing information to the public regarding the CMA fellowship.

  - Providing information to the CMA fellowship, keeping it well informed so that members and groups may work more effectively to carry the message.

With this understanding, the CMA PI&O Advisory Committee developed the following Vision and Mission statements:

PI&O Vision Statement:

 "All those affected by crystal meth are informed of Crystal Meth Anonymous."

PI&O Mission Statement:

  "To provide and communicate consistent and readily available information and resources to all those affected by crystal meth."

To participate in the monthly PI&O conference call, please join us on the third Saturday of each month at noon eastern time, 9am pacific, at 1-605-475-6333. Use access code 7177917 when prompted.