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Submissions for the CMA Daily Meditation Reader

We are currently collecting entries for a CMA daily meditation reader. This book will contain daily ideas to inspire our fellowship as we journey on the road of recovery together. 
In the spirit of our initiative “Voices of the Fellowship”, we are looking for submissions from the CMA fellowship at large. The guidelines below can help you craft your entry based on a spiritual solution that you have found in CMA. We are looking to harness our collective experience to help us all remember what is important on a daily basis. We are collecting submissions on an ongoing basis. This project is moving along and we look forward to receiving your submission today.
Submissions should be less than 300 words total for each entry. Each daily entry will be based on a spiritual solution in recovery. Remember that we are writing these as CMA members so utilizing our experience as crystal meth addicts in recovery is key. The entry should explore this practical or spiritual idea in three parts:
  1. A quote (20-30 words) from our CMA literature or from a CMA member.
  2. A main body of exposition exploring the main idea. (175-200 words)
  3. A meditative element (30-40 words) that can take the form of: A meditation, a prayer, an intention, an action for the day, or an affirmation.
Submissions will become the property of CMA and will be published anonymously. Submission may or may not be edited for publication. A release must be signed by contributors that allows CMA to be the owner of this literature. We welcome you to join our monthly call, click HERE for more information. To see an example of a possible meditation entry, click HERE.

Click here to submit your Daily Meditation idea:   Share YOUR MEDITATION WITH THE COMMITTEE

Meditation Entry

Below is an unedited sample that was submitted for the upcoming meditation book that fulfills the basic guidelines of wordcount and subject matter. It has not been approved and is only provided here as an example of what an entry might look like.

Today I can draw on the power of honesty. I embrace change and redefine 
                                                                                                          - Today I Can

In our addiction to crystal meth, we got high at the expense of everything that was good in our lives. That feeling of being loaded became our primary goal. We became experts at lying. We lied to others and to ourselves. We lied to ourselves that it would be ok to spend our last money on drugs. We lied to ourselves that we would only use for one night, or that we would never purchase meth, or that we wouldn’t miss any important appointments. We said that we would show up to work on time, that we would quit by Monday, show up for the wedding, drink some water, on and on, and the biggest lie of all was that we weren’t hurting anyone else. Our relationship with the truth became more and more distant. By surrendering to sobriety, we have given in to the truth of Step 1. The truth that I can never use meth successfully and that as an addict, my mind and body react to meth in a self-destructive way. We simply agree to get honest about the slim chance of getting loaded without terrible consequences and start giving ourselves an opportunity to create something good today. When we are honest with ourselves about being an addict, we can begin to have freedom again.

Affirmation: With honesty as my guiding principle, I can begin to heal in a way that returns me to integrity. Today I am centered in the truth that my greatest life is an honest and sober one. As I point myself toward honesty I gain self-worth and integrity. I will be honest with myself and others as an act of self-love.

CMA Web History


In the early days of CMA we did everything by snail mail. People from other parts of the USA came to Los Angeles to learn about CMA and ask "how to start meetings" in their locality. To this end we developed CMA's first website in 1999. It functioned using FrontPage -- an early website builder. In 2005 we began to research how to move us forward with the available technology.

Three were candidates for Content Management Systems that were reviewed. Drupal, WordPress and Mambo. Drupal did not have components at that time that would help us with our number one issue - a meeting database. Though WordPress had such a component, we learned quickly that WordPress had back doors available to hackers, an issue that still haunts them. Mambo looked like the likely candidate as there was a component in early development called Sobi. Drupal Joomla WordPressOur only issue then was that Mambo was not an reliable open source product. During our development investigations, Mambo's company chose not to further develop the Mambo software. They then created a open source fork for Mambo -- giving Mambo to the Open Source Community. This new fork would quickly become Joomla!. Joomla! quickly became reliable. Our first Joomla website looked like this.

We have been asked why we decided to go with a Content Management system for CMA and not entirely code our website. Our website is big enough that updates need to be done on a regular basis and by a variety of personnel. The technology has completely changed with new things, better page load and security since we started. We needed a path to the future for our fellowship members to contribute today and tomorrow. In 2019 we are in the 13th year of our website with Joomla! hosted at Media Temple™. Because of Joomla!'s continued improvements with private component development, we can now have the capacity to do many of the things we wanted to do in the past. We can better implement ideas the fellowship may desire in the future.

Over the years our meeting directory component Sobi became SobiPro and updates continued to improve the product. As our CMS Joomla! is Open Source (OS), many of the components are not. Because the independent developers of these components have a stake in being profitable, they have continued to improve functionality and security.

We developed our first CMA Store. It ran on a store OS package called OsCommerce (last version was 2.3.4 / 5 June 2014) which is an e-commerce and online store-management software program. A few years ago Finance Committee decided they wanted to change the store so the store was moved to an offsite platform. This is the current CMA Store. New this year is the CMA Print On Demand.

On the websites we host, we use blind email systems to guard the privacy of our volunteers. No outside parties can find or have inadvertent access to our volunteers information. On our server and server's websites, we use active firewalls. In our early days our database was hacked once. We learned how to have a zipped "on server backup" ready to be reloaded in seconds rather than a day long site reload. Since then, we've not been hacked. Our URL was displayed once on Oprah and our database crashed from to many people visiting at one time. We have since upped our game, implemented a stronger server plus we learned better methods to optimize our database as needed.

Thanks to the Internet Archives known as the Way Back Machine (hello Sherman) we invite you to come explore what we were doing in 2009 on the web including our p.o.box 555 Newsletter. Even this cma-service website had an earlier version. Unfortunately being a subdomain at that time it is not recorded on the Way Back Machine. After a reboot of the CMA Service website in 2017, it has grown to the place to go for those in service to CMA. The CMA Conference website is deicated to Conference information including the Conference Charter and Conference Reports.

Each CMA website has over 70,000 pieces and parts along with MySQLi databases that keep us organized. Please search your CMA community looking for those web people willing to become trusted members of the Communications Committee. Joomla experts would be best, but people familiar with other content management systems should be able to work this platform without too much learning curve.

CMA Videos

CMA Member Donations

CMA Member Donations with recurring donations option.

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  2. You may make your donation recurring monthly. Enter the monthly donation amount then click the "Make recurring donation -- check box", then click DONATE.
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Speaker Recording Guidelines

  1. Recordings should serve the primary purpose to carry the CMA message to the addict who still suffers.

  2. Recordings should respect the Traditions and promote the unity and fellowship of CMA.

  3. Recordings should respect the diversity of our membership without alienating any particular region or demographic or other fellowship.

  4. Recordings should not glorify drugs, sex, criminal activity or contain excessive profanity.

  5. Recording should be approximately 15 to 60 minutes.

  6. Recordings should be of good listening quality.

  7. Recordings should be from a Crystal Meth Anonymous meeting or Recovery Event.

  8. All recordings used must be accompanied by a waiver and release form.

Quarterly Profit & Loss Report

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Contributions by Region

7th Tradition Contributions by Region for Fiscal Year 2019

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Contact Us

The CMA Help Line is staffed with members of CMA 24 hours a day. They are available to help callers find a meeting or understand more about the fellowship of CMA. They cannot answer your emergency, medical or legal questions. CMA 24 Hour Helpline -- (855) METH-FREE

Intergroups may provide meeting lists and web sites to help newcomers and visitors find meetings, maintain an inventory of chips for the local groups to purchase, and/or sponsor local events to solidify the unity of the local CMA fellowship. All of these are services vital to the smooth functioning of a local CMA fellowship's quest to 'carry the message'.  Intergroup contacts, and contacts in states and cities that have active CMA Intergroups. Local Contacts

If you are a CMA Meeting person served by a local registrar person, and want to add, update, or remove meeting information. Please include your phone as you may be contacted to confirm your request. Your information will not be shared with any group outside of CMA. Local Group Registrars

If you are a CMA Meeting person and not in an area served by a local registrar person, and want to add, update, or remove meeting information.   Add-Modify-Delete

The General Service Committee consists of all the Sub-committees that make up all the day to day operations of Crystal Meth Anonymous.  General Services Committee

Be Of Service in CMA

At the first General Service Conference, the following statement was adopted; "The Fellowship of Crystal Meth Anonymous works a Twelve Step program of recovery. We have not felt the need to elaborate in great detail a specific CMA approach to the Twelve Steps: too many other excellent outlines already exist for following these spiritual principles. But our experience has shown that without the Steps we could not stay sober."    

You can be of Service In CMA. 

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